Las Vegas Escorts Nessa 


Hey maybe you just want to take in an afternoon stroll, arm in arm. Get out of the hustle and bustle of the fantasy that is Las Vegas. We could always take a leisurely stroll through Bellagio's Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. This watery Las Vegas attraction is a well hidden secret of Las Vegas, just like me! I'm kind of new to the business, so my little black book is still empty!

Whatever You Want

Hey if you are for it, we could always just go have an Elvis themed wedding? I always wanted an Elvis themed wedding. HAHAHAH, just kidding, I don't want to get married. No way no how! In fact, If I can tell you right here not to get married I would! I guess you will have to invite me to your bachelor party in Las Vegas so I can just tell you in person.

Join me!

If you're the type of man that truly knows how to appreciate a bold and curvaceous woman, Nessa is the girl for you. Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about the company of a beautiful Brazilian? Now, you will have your chance to make all of those dreams into a reality.

I'll put this luscious booty on you and make you forget all of your troubles. Did you know that this ass has literally won contests? While I'm not about to put my best assets online for the world to judge, those who meet me in person are simply never disappointed.

And one more thing I want to mention is that I love cannabis! I would love to be your weed friendly escort and share some good flower with you. Wouldn't that be fun? I will tell you this, if you've never experienced Las Vegas high then you are missing out! This is a super fun place to be anyway. Having some good green while you're here just makes everything that much better.